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November Comedy

Here is where I’ll be doing stand up in November, check it out:

Tuesday, November 1st, I’m doing the open mic at Bagitos in Montplier. Antenna Williams, a very funny dude, is hosting. I did this open mic last month and it’s super fun, mainly because there was nobody there (like three comedians, and four audience members who didn’t even know a comedy show was happening). I felt like a crazy person, doing a 15 minute set to a crowd of no one, so naturally, I was in my element.

Wednesday, November 9th, I’m doing open mic at the Black Door Cafe in Montplier, always a good time.

Thursday, November 17th, open mic at Levity! The crown jewel of Vermont open mics.

Friday, November 18th, CROWD CONTROL! FUCK YEA!! I won this bitch in September, and was invited back to defend my title. Here is what crow control is: Welcome to a whole new kind of comedy show: a three-round comedy contest where the crowd controls everything: the topic each comedian will take on, the order of performances, which comics advance to the next round, and who wins it all. For more information go to

There is another audition at Higher Ground for the comedy battle in November, but I’m not sure when it is. If I get booked for any more shows, I’ll let you know.


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