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What the hell Academy!

What the hell Academy? It’s not that I think the nominees for best picture are bad, but you left out Drive! DRIVE!!!! Is everyone in the movie industry smoking meth? Is that the new thing now, where all the important people in Hollywood get together, smoke meth, and decide which movies should be nominated for best picture? You didn’t even nominate Albert Brooks for best supporting actor. We like to praise actors for taking roles outside their wheelhouse and stepping outside their comfort zone. Usually this means a straight actor playing a gay character in a movie with a lot of gay sex scenes. Well how about showing Albert Brooks some love. Here is a comedian who took on a role where he stabs someone in the fuckin eye with a fork. Nothing funny about that. If you haven’t seen the movie you may be thinking “what type of funny antics precursor a scene where Albert Brooks stabs someone in the eye? Does he slip on a banana peel or something? Does hilarity ensue as he apologizes profusely while some guy is bleeding from the eye, and he really wants to drive him to the hospital but does not want to get blood on his seats because he just had them reupholstered.” None of that shit happens. Here is the scene: Albert Brooks is really angry, he puts a fork in a guy’s eye socket, then stabs him in the throat. It’s terrifying. It also sucks that Ryan Gosling wasn’t nominated but I’m not loosing any sleep over it. “O.K. Ryan, in this scene you have to be stoic and handsome, think you can handle that?” Talk about digging deep, how the hell did he pull that one off (sarcasm)? Albert Brooks was brilliant in Drive, I’ll go toe to toe with a coked out Scarface before meeting Bernie Rose in a pizza joint any day of the week (I die in both scenarios, but at least I won’t get stabbed in the eye before getting stabbed in the throat). However, the fact that Brooks was so good in the movie, makes it strangely appropriate that he got snubed by the Oscars.


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