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Show and Life Update for February 2012

Hello Gang! Or to be more accurate, Hello me when I decide to update my blog in two months. It has been awhile since I posted anything, so let me give you a little update of my life since December: didn’t get into the higher ground battle, didn’t get into the Funniest comics in New England battle, gained ten pound, and may have a drinking problem. Yep, that pretty much covers it. If I was trying to win the “saddest blog post” on the web challenge I would stop here, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Despite getting no love from the comedy judges, I do have a couple of shows coming up in February I would like to tell you about. On February 17th I’m doing a fifteen minute set at Levity. There will be two shows, one at 7:30 and one at 9:30. I suggest you go to the 9:30 one, it’s a younger crowd and they just seem to get my comedy. The 7:30 show is usually me in front of a bunch of middle age people who cringe when they hear the word ‘dick’….very sad (for me, not them). For more info Tickets sell out fast. Then on February 21st, I have a show at the Flynn Space in Burlington, at 7:30. I don’t have a number to call, but just google it, your sitting in front of a fuckin computer, you robot! So there you have it, my two reasons to live, come to the shows and have fun.

And before you leave my blog to pirate movies or surf porn, check out my latest video of my last show at levity on 1/20. Fellow comedian Phil Davidson had the great idea of putting on a show where the line up is only comedians rejected from the Higher Ground comedy battle. Both me and Phil are extremely angry, bitter people, and if Higher Ground doesn’t want us in their little club, fine! We’ll put on our own fuckin show! And I learned something that night, I learned that a comedy show, fueled by bitter resentment, equals hilarity. Everyone brought there A-game, and I think I had the best set of my life, despite blanking out half way through.

One more thing, I have a twitter account….but seriously, who gives a shit, certainly not I. I get so excited when I write these blog post, “Hello World, I have a twitter account, finally you will be privy to my every thought….lucky you.” I forget I’m the only one reading my blog, so essentially all I’m doing is reminding my future self that I have a neglected twitter account, wasting away in internet world like a bloated buffalo carcass in the middle of the desert. And on that note, I’m out.


November Comedy

Here is where I’ll be doing stand up in November, check it out:

Tuesday, November 1st, I’m doing the open mic at Bagitos in Montplier. Antenna Williams, a very funny dude, is hosting. I did this open mic last month and it’s super fun, mainly because there was nobody there (like three comedians, and four audience members who didn’t even know a comedy show was happening). I felt like a crazy person, doing a 15 minute set to a crowd of no one, so naturally, I was in my element.

Wednesday, November 9th, I’m doing open mic at the Black Door Cafe in Montplier, always a good time.

Thursday, November 17th, open mic at Levity! The crown jewel of Vermont open mics.

Friday, November 18th, CROWD CONTROL! FUCK YEA!! I won this bitch in September, and was invited back to defend my title. Here is what crow control is: Welcome to a whole new kind of comedy show: a three-round comedy contest where the crowd controls everything: the topic each comedian will take on, the order of performances, which comics advance to the next round, and who wins it all. For more information go to

There is another audition at Higher Ground for the comedy battle in November, but I’m not sure when it is. If I get booked for any more shows, I’ll let you know.

October Comedy

This Friday, October 21st, I will be doing comedy at Levity comedy club in Burlington. Here is the line up: Melissa Moran, Abhishek Kulkarni ,Headliners: Mike Thomas Hosted by Adam Cook, and ME!!!! YEA BITCHES!! anyway, you can reserve tickets by calling Levity at 802-318-4888. For more info go to Hope to see you there.

Monday, October 24th, I will be doing the comedy battle auditions at Higher Ground. Each comic has four minutes, the funniest comics go to the next round. Doors open at 7.

On Thursday, October 27th, I will be doing open mic comedy at Levity, where it all began. I will be tackling such controversial topics such as: masturbating, grandmothers, masturbating grandmothers, porn, snot, poop, and the Global Financial Crisis.

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